Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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The University of Kentucky bringing local businesses to campus

Kentucky Gatton Student Center on the campus of the University of Kentucky

Kennedy's bookstore closed their doors in the winter of 2017. The University of Kentucky, with a real estate group, came in and plan to transform the space into a large-scale parking garage with retail and “innovation” space. After a campus-wide vote, the new building will be named “The Cornerstone”. The first floor of the building will be called The Cornerstone...

What is going up in the lot of the former Kennedy’s Bookstore

Kennedy's Constrution equiptment tearing down Kennedys bookstore

Kennedy’s Wildcat Den was the bookstore for students at the University of Kentucky since 1950, but the business closed at the end of the winter semester in 2017. Since the closing in 2017, the University of Kentucky partnered with Signet Real Estate Group, a private real estate company, to turn the former bookstore on the corner of S. Limestone and Winslow...

Kennedy’s bookstore closed their doors

Kennedy's Constrution equiptment tearing down Kennedys bookstore

The Lexington textbook store, Kennedy's, was THE bookstore to the University of Kentucky and it closed its doors in 2017. How long has the store been around? Why did it close? Since 1950, Kennedy’s Wildcat Den has been the bookstore students went to at the University of Kentucky, but it closed its doors at the end of the winter semester...