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Italx, a new Italian restaurant opens in Lexington’s downtown City Center

Photo by Megan McCardwell

After more than five years, the moment that Jonathan Lundy and TJ Cox have been waiting for is finally here. The two who brought us Corto Lima will finally introduce their new Italian concept to downtown Lexington.

Italx will open in Lexington’s new City Center development on Tuesday, October 6.

Photo by Megan McCardwell

Cox and Lundy have been business partners since 2014, but their collaboration dates back to 2007. In 2016, they opened Corto Lima and now they prepare to open their second concept four years later.

“I’m really excited because as we move into autumn I’m noticing an increase in guest traffic at all the downtown restaurants and I think Italx has something a little different to offer. I’m really proud to be part of the diverse Lexington dining scene with this new concept. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work with the owners,” says Lundy, Executive Chef and Concept Developer.

Italix is the finishing piece to the puzzle that is the City Center development. President of the City Center project Lee Greer says, “We sought the best culinary legacy in Lexington and grabbed the Corto Lima duo, Chef Jonathan Lundy & TJ Cox.

Photo by Megan McCardwell

“Together, we have the opportunity to create something special and different on the block we are the proudest of. This collaboration brings innovative ideas to the cornerstone of the City Center project.”

The City Center has come a long way from pit, to pasture, to groundbreaking.

“It’s like it had a negative feel to it across the board. I don’t feel that anymore,” says Cox. “Lexington has embraced City Center, and the overall idea of this being a community center has really come together. That’s what I always believed the Greer Companies vision was for this property. We’re very fortunate to be involved with them, to bring Italx as the cornerstone of the project together.”

Photo by Megan McCardwell

Italx feels like an open air Italian market with one of the best views of downtown Lexington. The interior for Italx was developed by interior designer Cara Lundy Drion (Jonathan’s and Corto Lima).

What to expect with an avant-garde Italian concept? Italx pushes the idea of Italian cuisine while keeping a classic feel and understanding the local market of Central Kentucky. The dishes fit Lundy’s personality and familiar style of small plates.

“I like to think of it as nouveau,” claims Brie Lowry Cox, marketing consultant for Italx. “Marrying Kentucky classic food concepts with quality fresh ingredients that are Italian food.”

Expect a small, simple menu with intricate ingredients. Unique twist on classic dishes, with pasta made by hand using traditional semolina flour. Cox explains, “We found that it was all about the execution, the ingredients are very simple.”

Photo by Megan McCardwell

The food is important, but wine might be Italx’s claim to fame. “Wine is a big deal here,” says Cox, who became a Certified Sommelier in August 2019. The wine list at Italx focuses 90 percent on Italian wines.

“What comes easy never stays and we want Italx to be a staple of Lexington dining for decades to come,” says Cox.


Italx opens in October on the corner of West Main and Upper 160 West Main Street, inside the City Center development. Reservation only.


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